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  • Soldiers die in Indian army depot fire

    BBC World News - 2 hours 27 min ago
    Seventeen soldiers die in a fire at a military ammunition depot in western Maharashtra state, Indian army officials say.
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    VIDEO: Footage shows strikes on IS in Fallujah

    BBC World News - Mon, 2016-05-30 23:57
    Iraqi forces are continuing the second day of their assault to retake the city of Falluja from the so-called Islamic State group.
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    Infosec newbie looking for entry level training? So is SWIFT

    The Register - Mon, 2016-05-30 23:56
    Hacked transaction house wants US security trainee

    International payments clearing-house SWIFT wants extra hands to keep its stable doors closed.…

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    Norks' parade rocket fails to fly, again

    The Register - Mon, 2016-05-30 23:30
    Anyone seen our missing Musudan?

    Japan and South Korea have had another live training exercise turn to disappointment, with another North Korean missile launch failing.…

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    North Korea clones Facebook, forgot to change default creds

    The Register - Mon, 2016-05-30 22:56
    Government that already spies on citizens decides it needs a social network

    North Korea appears to have created a Facebook clone.…

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    Boateng finds neighbour comment 'sad'

    BBC World News - Mon, 2016-05-30 22:38
    German footballer Jerome Boateng says comments by a right-wing politician that most Germans would not want him as a neighbour are "sad".
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    Oz infosec boffins call for mature threat debate

    The Register - Mon, 2016-05-30 22:30
    Oh, and please order the money-truck, we need more

    The University of NSW / Australian Defence Force Academy-run Australian Centre for Cybersecurity reckons the government needs to tip AU$1 billion annually into cyber-security.…

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    Microsoft Removes 260-Character Path Length Limit In Windows 10 Redstone

    Slashdot - Mon, 2016-05-30 22:30
    An anonymous reader quotes a report from Softpedia: Windows 10 build 14352, a preview version of the upcoming Anniversary Update (also known as Redstone), comes with an eagerly awaited change that Microsoft hasn't yet announced publicly. The 260-character path length limit in Windows can be removed with the help of a new policy, thus allowing you to run operations with files regardless of their path or file name. While this new rule is not enabled by default, admins can turn it on by following these instructions. Launch the Registry Editor by clicking the Start menu and typing "regedit.exe," and then navigate to the following path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Group Policy Objects\{48981759-12F2-42A6-A048-028B3973495F}Machine\System\CurrentControlSet\Policies. Look for an entry called "LongPathsEnabled," and if it does not exist, simply right-click Policies, select New DWORD (32-bit), name it "LongPathsEnabled" (without the quotes), enter value 1, and you're good to go. The description of the preview reads, "Enabling NTFS long paths will allow manifested win32 applications and Windows Store applications to access paths beyond the normal 260 char limit per node. Enabling this setting will cause the long paths to be accessible within the process." While the Windows 10 preview build 1452 has been made available last week, according to Windows Central, a Microsoft team member says that the company could released Windows 10 Mobile build 14352 for Insiders on Tuesday, May 31.

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    Officials seize tigers from Thai temple

    BBC World News - Mon, 2016-05-30 22:20
    Wildlife authorities in Thailand are removing tigers from a controversial Buddhist temple after accusations of wildlife trafficking and animal abuse.
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    KNOX knocked three times by Israeli infosec boffins

    The Register - Mon, 2016-05-30 21:56
    You've already patched the corporate Galaxy fleet, haven't you?

    A pair of Israeli researchers has detailed their discovery of three Android / KNOX vulnerabilities in older Samsung phones, and it makes for depressing reading.…

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    North Korea missile launch 'fails'

    BBC World News - Mon, 2016-05-30 21:18
    North Korea has attempted to fire a ballistic missile off its east coast but the launch appears to have failed, South Korean military officials say.
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    Troy Ave Formally Charged With Attempted Murder in Irving Plaza Shooting

    NYT - New York/Region - Mon, 2016-05-30 21:02
    A judge denied bail for the rapper, who was hit in the leg during the shooting, which also left a bodyguard dead and two other people wounded.
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    ASUS Unveils $599 Home Robot 'Zenbo'

    Slashdot - Mon, 2016-05-30 20:40
    An anonymous reader writes: In addition to the razor thin ZenBook 3, Asus unveiled a cute talking robot for the home at this week's Computex trade show in Taipei. The robot, called Zenbo, is priced at $599 and is pitched as a personal assistant that can help look after elderly relatives or read stories to the kids. It's about two feet tall and rolls around on wheels, with a display that can show animated faces or be used for making video calls and streaming movies. When asked, "Hey Zenbo, is it true you can take pictures?" by ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih, the robot replied with, "Yes, I can take photographs." Zenbo took a photo of him on stage with the audience in the background when Shih told it to. The robot doesn't have an official release date yet, but developers can sign up for a software kit to build applications for it now.

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    Haiti officials call for fresh election

    BBC World News - Mon, 2016-05-30 20:12
    Officials in Haiti recommend throwing out the disputed results of last year's first-round presidential election and holding a new vote.
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    France rail workers strike over reforms

    BBC World News - Mon, 2016-05-30 20:02
    French railway workers are to go on strike in the latest action in a series of protests against planned labour reforms.
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    Goa grabs Google, whispers 'come here, you Loon'

    The Register - Mon, 2016-05-30 19:56
    Indian state wants in on balloon broadband trials

    The Indian state of Goa wants to attract Google to the region for its Project Loon balloon broadband trials.…

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    Microsoft Warns of ZCryptor Ransomware With Self-Propagation Features

    Slashdot - Mon, 2016-05-30 19:55
    An anonymous reader writes from a report issued by Softpedia on May 27: Microsoft and several other security researchers have detected the first ransomware versions that appears to have self-propagation features, being able to spread to other machines on its own by copying itself to shared network drives or portable storage devices automatically. Called ZCryptor, this ransomware seems to enjoy quite the attention from crooks, who are actively distributing today via Flash malvertising and boobytrapped Office files that infect the victim if he enables macro support when opening the file. This just seems to be the latest addition to the ransomware family, one which recently received the ability to launch DDoS attacks while locking the user's computer.

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    Disparate Visions for a Park: Dismantle Industrial Ruins, or Preserve Them

    NYT - New York/Region - Mon, 2016-05-30 19:24
    While New York City struggles to make good on a promise to develop a park along the Bushwick Inlet, a competing proposal has arisen as an alternative to a conventional green space.
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    Computer Generates Largest Math Proof Ever At 200TB of Data

    Slashdot - Mon, 2016-05-30 19:10
    An anonymous reader quotes a report from Phys.Org: A trio of researchers has solved a single math problem by using a supercomputer to grind through over a trillion color combination possibilities, and in the process has generated the largest math proof ever -- the text of it is 200 terabytes in size. The math problem has been named the boolean Pythagorean Triples problem and was first proposed back in the 1980's by mathematician Ronald Graham. In looking at the Pythagorean formula: a^2 + b^2 = c^2, he asked, was it possible to label each a non-negative integer, either blue or red, such that no set of integers a, b and c were all the same color. To solve this problem the researchers applied the Cube-and-Conquer paradigm, which is a hybrid of the SAT method for hard problems. It uses both look-ahead techniques and CDCL solvers. They also did some of the math on their own ahead of giving it over to the computer, by using several techniques to pare down the number of choices the supercomputer would have to check, down to just one trillion (from 10^2,300). Still the 800 processor supercomputer ran for two days to crunch its way through to a solution. After all its work, and spitting out the huge data file, the computer proof showed that yes, it was possible to color the integers in multiple allowable ways -- but only up to 7,824 -- after that point, the answer became no. Is the proof really a proof if it does not answer why there is a cut-off point at 7,825, or even why the first stretch is possible? Does it really exist?

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    Second minister quits Brazil government

    BBC World News - Mon, 2016-05-30 19:08
    A second minister in Brazil's new government resigns after a recording was published appearing to show him trying to derail a corruption investigation.
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